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AMBERAmberBall is based in the IPCT of Terrassa (30 km from Barcelona). It has two differentiated areas which cover the whole range of activities that are developed. An indoor area of 600 m2 devoted to perform temperature rise, corrosion, dielectric resistance, and mechanical tests with the following testing equipments:
- Current transformer up to 10 kA


- Corrosion chamber of 400 l

Càmera de corrossió
- Pulling bench up to 20 tn

pulling bench
- Compression bench up to 5 tn

compression bench

- AC generator up to 130 kV


- DC generator up to 120 kV (+) and (-)

An outdoor area of 2500 m2 with equipment to perform DC UHV corona tests, with a DC generator up to 1400 kV.